Friday, October 01, 2010

Connewarre a peaceful haven

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There are parts of the Geelong region that remain quiet beautiful havens, barely known, and such a place is near Lake Connewarre, a tidal lake - part of the Barwon River before it reaches the sea at Barwon Heads. This morning I noticed in the local paper an Open Gardens scheme was inviting visitors to walk around a private garden in Connewarre. The Dance family opened up their eight or more hectares to the public for two days and what a lovely opportunity to get away from the hype of football replay final and the bikes racing round and round Geelong. The gardens are truly lovely with a peaceful view over the water, curved walking paths, drought-resistent plants, a huge variety of texture and colours. There were garden seats occasionally for a quiet rest and several contrasting garden areas. We were honoured and delighted to have found this place by chance and to be able to give a little bit to the fund-raising for the Connewarre Fire Brigade. Surprised by grace, that's our life occasionally.

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