Friday, October 01, 2010

Dumb and dumber

from w
We were having trouble with our Uniden portable phone. When a call came in over the past two days the phone lit up but there was no music so of course we missed calls unless we actually saw the lights. What was wrong? I noticed that there was a message that read 'Do not Disturb' so who put that there? I rang our phone provider and they said to contact Uniden - and that website just didn't function. I rang friends and no-one seemed to know how to fix the problem, so I looked up the web - wrote in a few words and hoorah - found the answer. Just press the tab on the phone set-up that says DND which actually was lit up but I hadn't been game to touch anything there. DND - Do not Disturb. Of course. Hey, am I dumb n dumber!



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