Friday, July 23, 2010

Veronica and Joan of Arc

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After five days we have our computer back, plus another hard drive after the last one gave up the ghost. Speaking of ghosts, a friend gave me a book by Veronica, a local writer who had told me several years ago that she was starting a manuscript involving a conversation with Joan of Arc. Well, that's some task. Veronica explored France going to the pertinent locations and the frame of the novel/non-fiction is to describe a town or city as Veronica/narrator experienced it, then to have the ghost of Joan explain the story of her life. There were a bit too many scenes of battles and naming people as I would have been interested in the life of men and women of the time - food, hygiene, etc. as well as the literary conceit of having a ghost talk in English and dress as a medieval boy. There were rather too much historical detail as well as the battles between France and England the obsession with crowning the new king. I wanted to know if Joan met up with her precious saints. Anyway, a good job done Veronica.

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