Monday, July 26, 2010

Floral pictures perhaps as boring as politicians?

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Becoming repetitive I know, but I made some more variations on the original picture I made of a bowl of flowers which was not much more than colouring in between the lines. Today I had a look at the Fletcher Art Prize and will write about it tomorrow, and we had our little chat about Madame Bovary in the book group and most liked the book, though it was overly long. Next month it is The Lacuna which I've read but forgotten about.

Hey, wasn't that debate last night awfully boring? So contrained, no jokes, no joy, no fun at all. Even the three worms were boring, but they did show up a bias - women like Julia, men like Tony. I hope my pictures aren't as boring as those two!



Anonymous shirley said...

Hi Wendy, the colours of this vase of flowers is wonderful Did you do them all by hand. I would love to learn how to do them with the computer. all I can do at the moment is make swirly patterns.

2:47 PM  

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