Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A sad day in Afghanistan

from w. Two young Australian men and the sniffer dog as well as eight other soldiers died yesterday when on patrol in Afghanistan. It's very sad for families who are shocked by the sudden deaths. Surely people must be asking
'Why are Australian soldiers over there?' Some will say it's not our place, while others say the security and safety of other people (e.g. USA) is the concern. War and guns are horrible, yet you can't be soft on bullies, but, are the ordinary people of Afghanistan bullies? Anyway, it's a sad day, probably every day, for many people in Afghanistan. And the irony is that our government is putting on hold the processing of asylum seekers from Afghanistan as it is 'getting safer'. Those that come by leaky boat that is. Others can still process their papers as 'refugees' through other channels.

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