Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Messing with pastels

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How difficult it is to make a picture using oil pastels as they seem to be so big and blunt and I am heavy-handed. Pastels need a very gentle touch. Anyway, I had a go starting from one of the little photos but didn't look at it again so the pastel picture is quite different. The paper was heavy watercolour with lots of bumps so the preliminary effort in oil pastel looked awful. I doused it with Canola cooking oil and tried to flatten out the pastel! Then as it needed some white I used white acrylic with both ends of a brush to poke dots etc. here and there. Is it a lady in a garden or still a statue?

Below are three images - digitally altered from my original pastel picture. Maybe Marc Chagall inspired the blue one?

(Later - on Thursday - I played around with overlapping images - some of them photos, others my lines and pastels, got a bit carried away with the miniature fig tree though.)

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