Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Not much jewelry in this house

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Apart from watches - not even me - there isn't much in the way of jewelry in our house. No diamond rings and things, just a few necklaces which were gifts from friends - a nice black pearl necklace from Fiji, a cross and tiny objects from South America and so on. I threw a few things on the scanner to make a random kind of arrangment which included seeds and shells. I was busy up at the church today, playing for a funeral of a fine elderly woman who spent most of her life caring for disabled young people after realizing that some children were not having access to special schools. Then I played music for a women's service for the commencement of the year's fellowship programs. The issue was raised - how do the various syllabus items we have prepared enable us to make a difference in our church and community life. A Dutch auction, a morning coffee, a fashion parade, and so on. Mostly the ladies are older and really enjoy the friendship but we do sponsor a missionary young man from our congregation who has a passion for Sudan.

It's very hot and humid today but Peceli is very happy because we traded in and bought another car today. The 1989 red car was fine for nearly ten years but lately has made an awful noise and broke down etc. It's no longer suitable for trips outside running around Geelong. The newer car is 1994, a Commodore. It took a bit of a runaround to find the cash in two days though!

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