Monday, December 28, 2009

Smorgies and Cunningham Pier

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We go occasionally to Smorgies - eat all that you can - and that's a treat for Pacific Islanders. In fact one rugby team was banned in a Hong Kong restaurant after they cleared out ALL of the food trays at an 'all that you can eat'. Anyway the other day we went with some of our guests to Smorgies and the price was put up by $5 because it was a public holiday to $22. However this is a popular place for families because they used to have a sound and light show with Neptune and a singing seal - though they've gone now. The idea now is to change it all, pull it down and remodel the place as a bit more upmarket. Pity, it's okay for families as it is. Coney Island sort of decor on the pier though. The Geelong Advertiser says this:

Pier gets $4m boost
Danny Lannen
December 29th, 2009

$4M UPGRADE of Geelong's Smorgy's waterfront restaurant will include a makeover of its Cunningham Pier facade and walkway. New operators are determined to emphasise the restaurant's fresh direction and enhance other Geelong waterfront developments.
"It just has to have a whole image change out there, people have to drive past and know it's a totally new venue," partner Darren Holroyd said. "That would be difficult to do with the current facade because that would remind you of what's already there."

Hotelier Mr Holroyd bought the Smorgy's lease in October with Geelong Edge bar partners Dominic Tripodi and Geelong Football Club midfielder Cameron Ling. They announced plans to gut and transform the two-storey building in less than a year, creating a stylish, high-quality hospitality hub. Mr Holroyd said design plans were still being finalised, with a focus on capitalising on the building's size and outlook. "They'll be the best views in town, whatever we do," Mr Holroyd said. "There will be a restaurant, there will be a function, convention, reception centre, it will be multi-purpose and I would assume there will be a nice bar with new decks and things. It's very under-utilised, I think everyone in Geelong drives past and wishes it was something better out there."

The partners plan to close the restaurant at the end of March and hope to have work complete by October 2010. Mr Holroyd said the restaurant remained open with new chef Carmel Alvaro from Lamby's Restaurant but patronage had dipped up to 25 per cent since news of the renovation plans.

"Everyone thinks it started as soon as it was announced," Mr Holroyd said. "So coming into a time of year when it should have been growing it's dropped off a bit.
The funny part is the food is probably better than it's ever been."

Cunningham Pier will become a focus for family fun on Thursday night with rides, roving entertainment and attractions becoming part of New Year's Eve on the Waterfront etc.These sketches were done some time ago.

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