Thursday, November 12, 2009

Melbourne No 1 Sports City?

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They were talking about this on the radio yesterday and some people phoned in to argue that perhaps it's about huge events not kick the kick in the street or amateur sports in the suburbs. Too many watchers, not enough doers. Anyway someone voted Melbourne as the No I Sports City, but wait, look at the criteria.
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Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria in Australia, is the best location in the world to hold a sports event according to an industry analysis of sports cities globally, compiled by London-based consulting and research company
ArkSports Limited.

The analysis sought to determine which city in the world is the ‘Ultimate Sports City’ in terms of hosting international major events. Twenty cities made the initial cut based on their history of hosting sports events and were then ranked according to ArkSports by a range of criteria, including the number of annual sports events held, major events held or won up until 2010, facilities, transport, accommodation, government support, weather, legacy, public sports interest and quality of life.

Recent Commonwealth Games host Melbourne came out on top, beating France’s capital Paris and Australian rival Sydney, which are tied in joint second place. Berlin, Germany came fourth and London, England, fifth.

The top 10 cites are listed below:
The Ultimate Sports City Top 10
Rank Cities Points

1 Melbourne, Australia 341.5
2 Paris, France 312.5
2 Sydney, Australia 312.5
4 Berlin, Germany 292
5 London, UK 287.5
6 Madrid, Spain 284.5
7 New York, USA 275.5
8 Beijing, China 262.5
9 Tokyo, Japan 255.5
10 Cape Town, South Africa 244

Source: ArkSports Limited
And of course Tiger Woods is in town and thousands and thousands are there at the golf course watching every stroke. I watched a bit this afternoon - on TV - didn't see birdies or eagles only a few missed puts! Peceli got two birdies yesterday and two birdies the day before - in Geelong, in fact won on the day when he played with Rev Richard. Must be a bit of prayin' did it! No way, that's not how it works!

I asked my son if the name Tiger is his real name and he said it's always been Tiger, but when I looked it up on the internet his real name is Eldrick!
Born Eldrick Tont Woods on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California, as the only child of an African-American Army officer father and a Thai mother. His father began calling Woods by the nickname "Tiger" in honor of a fellow soldier and friend who had the same moniker.

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