Friday, November 06, 2009

Conversations random or intentional

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Lately I've been pushed towards taking more care in conversations. Mostly in the past we just ramble on, butt in, alter the mood or topic (I've always been one to be a bossy-boots in this regard) gossip, not listen to another person's story. But a few things have triggered a new way of looking at how people, face to face, or in small groups, talk to one another over a meal, coffee, across a table. I've stopped myself in mid-flight when thinking about a story to top the one being told. And I realize how rich the personal stories can be as they emerge without interruption. Just this morning I was at the car boot sale - our church grounds once a month become one large sales area with thirty or more outdoor shops selling mostly second-hand goods brighten up the grass. Our church men and women sell coffee, tea, hamburgers, cakes and so on as well and tables are set up near the sparse trees. It's a little bit about fund-raising but mainly an opportunity to connect with the local community.

Three of us were sitting at a table with our tea or coffee. An older woman, with whom I've had a nodding acquaintance with for a while, started describing her childhood in a dreadful orphanage and recently she has been able to access information about her mother. It was a tragic story as she explained the feeling of being unwanted and having no family. So I'm glad that I've learnt a bit about keeping cool and listening instead of hot-headedly eagerly butting in with another story!



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