Friday, July 17, 2009

When East Geelong churches combined

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Some time ago I made a picture by using Fijian masi and sketches of churches that combined into one parish in East Geelong - after Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodists came together. The pencil and a bit of colour sketches are of Shenton church,(now the music/drama theatre of Geelong High School) the bell tower of the original Shenton, - (also part of Geelong High School) St Andrews, (still going) Garden Street Congregational (now a studio house for an architect and potter) Ormond Rd Methodist - now East Geelong Uniting, (still going and my home church) a seagull for luck, and scratched words in cememt from the back garden of the Shenton Manse where we lived for nine years. Our house became the music studios of the high school so I was happy about that.

Sorry it's not square but light from a window crept over it when it was straight!
The picture is in the vestry these days - where no-one much sees it!

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