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Why's Geelong talking about the Superbowl?

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The front page of the Geelong Advertiser is not about tennis, not about cricket, swimming, try-aths, yachts, but about American football! Whatever for?

One one of the back pages though there in small print are the winners of the local golf – 44 points Stableford and twice nearest to the pin, on No 3 and No 10 holes. Peceli Ratawa! Yes, Geelong is the place to be for ordinary people playing ordinary sports. Lots of amateur games. But of course the main game is Aussie Fules footie with the Cats. However this time it’s about the Super Bowl, so what doew that mean to Geelong?

It's about Ben Graham becoming the first Australian to contest America's Super Bowl.

Up to 100 million people will watch hot favourites the Pittsburgh Steelers chase their sixth trophy when they clash with Graham's Arizona Cardinals in a sporting spectacular tipped to spark an international betting frenzy in excess of $15 billion. In Tampa Bay, Graham will be cheered on by wife Katie and their three kids, Geelong players Matthew Scarlett and Gary Ablett Jr, dad Tony and younger brother Sam, who have made the trip to Florida.

FORMER Geelong football star Ben Graham has brushed aside injury concerns after the Arizona Cardinals' final training session and will become the first Australian to play in a Super Bowl this morning. Graham and his Cardinals trained outside of Tampa Bay yesterday where his suspect left groin was given one final test. If Graham's Cardinals do the unlikely and defeat the Steelers, it will be one of the biggest upsets in American sport.

For decades the Cardinals have been the joke of the NFL. The team has not won an NFL championship since 1947 and that was when they were based in Chicago.

Ben Graham is a 35-year-old. Hey, that’s almost a veteran in age! Geelong will host the Masters Athletics soon and there’s even a category for the over 70s so Peceli is having a shot at the javelin event. Has to make about 28 metres to win. Our youngest son though who used to throw about 70 metres is having a go at the jav and the shotput!

Back to talk about Graham. He quit the AFL and his beloved Cats in 2004 and suffered the indignity of being hired and fired by the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints. The Cardinals saw something in the lanky 196cm former AFL centre half-forward and threw him a lifeline on December 1. So we'll see what happens in the game today!
(later) Okay, okay, they didn't win. Pittsburgh won. Ben Graham's Super Bowl dream has ended in misery after his Arizona Cardinals had victory snatched away in the dying seconds. ... It was on Channel Ten TV and we watched for a bit, but what a strange game it is - ll that headgear and surely it's not really football. Aussie Rules is REAL football. That's only handball with a bit of macho pushin' and shovin'!

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Blogger John said...

Hi there,

Australian must be proud to have one of their famous son playing in one of the biggest sporting event in the world. I'm sad for Ben as well as I was hoping to see him making history.

Nevertheless, you're right about the game. It was one of the best for me. I'll be hoping to see both Ben and Sav (hopefully many more Aussie) do it again next season.

I've seen both the NFL Super Bowl and the AFL Grand Final. Both are exciting to watch.

8:19 AM  

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