Friday, February 13, 2009

Two koalas and Valentine's Day

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The media and world wide web have really exploited the story of a little koala about nine months old from Mirboo North when a volunteer firefighter gave her a drink from a water bottle. A mobile phone captured the incident and now it's around the world on youtube. A little video just made impulsively for his daughter. Mr Tree is a hero but an ordinary Aussie bloke - with tenderness - but he wasn't too happy when the photos were manipulated by the media to connect the story with Saturday's horrific fires in a different place. Sure, it was about bushfires but taken a few days earlier in Gippsland. At the present day there are dozens of koalas in animal shelters, after the fires, including 'Sam' and 'Bob', so this is now a charming Valentine's Day photo, (not that I really care too much about Valentine's Day actually).
The youtube site is a bit roughly shot but is charming.

Courage, resilience, compassion - that's what we like to see in a bloke, so Mr Tree I could give you a hug for Valentine's Day!

And Mr Tree and Sam the koala were re-united at the animal shelter a week after the fires at Mirboo North. From a photo by Stephen Harman, but I altered the background as it was too much information. Probably made it worse! Sorry, Mr Photographer!

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