Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remembering Pat Raison

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This morning I attended the funeral service for a very distinctive lady, a friend through art and poetry writing - Pat Raison. Our condolences to Ray Raison. It was a gathering of relatives, friends, artists and writers. Amongst the tributes was a poem by a friend and a photo of Pat, turned away, her long plait swinging, on another journey. We were given copies of the poem with the photo.

A couple of days ago I wrote the following for a local writers' newsletter.

Pat with her distinctive voice and attentiveness to people will be well remembered. Pat is a very fine poet and artist. We visited Ray and Pat only one time in their home, but we were enchanted by the grace of her lovely artworks and their hospitality. A life well lived. Her care for detail, love of the natural world, and intellect gave her writing many layers to think about. The last verse of 'Cool coloured gull days' is an example.
Stillness creeps in
with the slack tidal change
bearing a promise
of slow motion days.

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