Sunday, November 09, 2008

Near Osborne House

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While Peceli sorted boxes for a container to go to Fiji, this morning I did some sketching near Osborne House in North Geelong. The Rotary Donation in Kind depot is the old council area next to Osborne House, a historic building which now accommodates some adult classes and a local history project, and in the stables a maritime museum. It used to be the Corio Council offices until the Geelong area councils amalgated (except for lucky Queenscliff). It's not a swimming beach but seems to be used by fishermen and boat people. Looking north there are the wheat silos but these days the ships rarely come in after all the droughts. The Captain Cook from Fiji used to come every month to deliver coconut oil and pick up wheat to make into flour in Suva for bread, biscuits, roti.

The plan for this area is apparently a hotel and marina - private investment I suppose.

After adding watercolour/gouache I used the Picasa 'Illustration' instead of 'Photo' so the painterly effects are exaggerated.

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Blogger annie said...

I am computer illiterate so I haven't a clue what your choices were or what you did but this is gorgeous. I love the painterly effects.

5:54 PM  

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