Monday, November 03, 2008

Melbourne Cup as seen by Mark Knight

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One of Australia's best cartoonist/artists is Mark Knight so here is his take on the Melbourne Cup where the human 'fillies' go crazy in their awful high heels. The chiropedists and foot specialists make as much money as a bookmaker they say. It's only going to be 20 degrees today but I am sure some will bear skimpy, almost nothing dresses and the inevitable bone crunching shoes.
And by another cartoonist, this time about the favourite:
About 315 p.m. Well, it's all over for another year. Some horse called 'Viewed' won it apparently and stunned the experts. Someone said it came last in a couple of recent races! The trifecta - whatever that means - is enormous so some people, but not many, will be happy! Bart Cummings' horse of course. The betting was at 45 to 1! Peceli picked Bauer (which lost by about 2 inches nose) I think because it won the Geelong Cup, which Peceli watched a week or so ago. Not that we ever really go to the races, but that day he was doing a gig for his Rotary Club, looking after the officials car-park full of Mercedes and Rolls Royces and so on. I've never been to the races though as a young kid we lived a block away from a country town racetrack and after the race program we used to go and collect the horses names on cardboard. Don't know why. Maybe to decorate my playhouse which was actually a full sized room!

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Blogger The Moody Minstrel said...

So Australia also has its ditzoids in skimpy dresses and stiletto heels, weather and health be damned, eh?

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