Friday, July 04, 2008

Two cats and two mice

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It's the season for lost cats it seems (not the Geelong Football team though who are doing very well at present). Knock on the door. A young Mum and a little kid holding a cute black kitten. Yours? Nope. Next day there was a lovely poster at 'my' bus stop advertising the moggie, photo and all. Then yesterday at another bus stop in Watsons Rd - with signs of kids leaving their tags on the glass, a smashed window, etc. another flyer advertising a lost fat cat. I had been shopping at Not Quite Right and was waiting for a bus instead of walking home. Feeling better now, just left with an itchy scratchy throat.

Then the story of two mice. The other day my computer mouse just conked out but I was able to use one from another computer in the house. Then when I went to do the church newsletter yesterday, the mouse wouldn't work. No cable on this one. I rang a guy who looks after the data projector on Sundays and he came and fiddled with a connection - bluetooth or something - and the mouse was resurrected!



Blogger Penny said...

glad you are feeling better, love the tail(!) of two cats and two mice. Wet and cold here.

7:13 PM  

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