Monday, April 21, 2008

Neighbourhood Watch

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item from Newcomb Neighbourhood Watch April. (Ha ha, guess who is their new eidtor?)

Who is your neighbour?

We have heard the song so often:

Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours
With a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend
Neighbours, should be there for one another
That's when good neighbours become good friends

But what does it mean? This month in Neighbourhood Watch there is a focus on youth so let’s think about how well we do with the subject of older people relating to the younger people. At the bus stops and on the Newcomb bus people are friendly, chatting, telling stories, but often we stick with our own generation and in our comfort zone. Perhaps this month let’s step a bit further out and engage in conversation with someone who may be twenty years different from us – older, or younger.

A neighbour is not just the person who lives next to you. He or she is the person we meet in the shops, offices, schools, day-care centres, the sports field. And our suburb of Newcomb is a very good place to live. And, there are times when a neighbour – or other person, not our relative, comes to our aid when we experience something dramatic and life tears us apart. To facilitate these tough times, we need to experience the day to day chit-chat to develop a relationship of trust.

One of my mottos is ‘Shelter your family and loved ones – and - watch out for your neighbour.

(from the new newsletter secretary, Wendy)

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