Friday, April 18, 2008

Drabble dabbling in Korean history

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Yesterday I read half of a novel by Margaret Drabble - The Red Queen - the second half after ten pages up the front. (I don't always read a book cover to cover starting at page 1). It's a strange book that even has the author as a character in the book near the end. There are two distinct parts to the novel, two storeylines set 200 years apart, the world of a Korean princess, and the world of an English academic going to a conference. It's about ghosts, obsessions, madness, loss of a child. It is based on research and truth and fiction collide, so in the end the reader doesn't know what is the truth. Anyway I have yet to read the first couple of hundred pages about the Korean princess!
I googled the title and found a response from a blogger who hated the book!

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