Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Illustrations in children's books

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Each week we go and sort books for Rotary Donation in Kind to send to places like Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, hoping to find hundreds of beautiful story books for primary schools and secondary schools, gifts from schools, shops and libraries. We find so many treasures. It is hard to believe they are given away. But...some are just not suitable - Year 12 solid science and maths books, pristine, brand new, we don't send. Tattered books also go into recycling. Sometimes I borrow a book or two for a week to glance through, then give them back! One took my interest - on children's book illustrations and another with paintings by Ingpen. Graeme Base is a super book illustrator in children's picture books and I heard him talk one time at a writing seminar.

The shift from rather innocent stories over the years to very dark themes is noticeable particularly in the fiction read by secondary school students in Australia. We don't send stuff that is about demons/devils/witchcraft but fantastic dragons are okay!

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