Sunday, February 24, 2008

variations of oriental stall pic

from w
Ouch! Too bright! And shapes fight one another for attention! But this is a way to look at the way colour works in a picture and when it doesn't work well. I used Photo-edit at first then Picasa to make the collage. It's certainly a quick way to see how different colours might work when designing a painting instead of making mistakes that are costly in paint and energy!

I'll post something different to paintings/drawings when I get some pictures from Peceli. We've had Pako Festa lately, a 21st birthday, and Peceli is taking a Fijian funeral in Melbourne today, while I go off to a book club to discuss 'Bel Canto'.

We've been busy lately sorting out stuff for Donation in Kind, and the kindness of the local people is wonderful as people drop in boxes and bags of lovely sewing kits to send to the women of Fiji. It's a project I requested help with - from women to women. Special thanks to the ladies of St Andrew's church for their super donations.

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Blogger Penny said...

Hi Wendy, what a wonderful melange of things.I didnt even get to see the quilts, John didnt want me away too long and when the battery on his computer failed he called. i found too many women in too small aplace and the whole thing overwhelming for this country girl. went to buy some stuff, had a list bought what was on it, sat in on the lecture I wanted to go to and went.I think they are moving the venue next year, jeffs shed perhaps.
Love what you have done but I dont think I had room to sketch.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
It was indeed really claustrophic in there with so many people at the stalls. I like open air too. I just got through the crush to the downstairs quilt display which wasn't so crowded.
One thing about today's fibre art that is a worry - too much is pre-packaged, designed, ready to just sew up, and very expensive. The old-fashioned quilts were made with scraps of left-over materials. Anyway keep up with your interesting fibre artwork and your own designs!

2:22 PM  

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