Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas and the Colour of Money

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May I be a Gramdma Scrooge and say 'Ba, humbug!' about the excesses and commercialisation of Christmas? I had to wait an hour for photos to be printed - okay, our digital camera somehow won't work with the computer yet - and looked down from the mezzanine floor at Market Square overlooking Santa and the babes and toddlers getting their photos taken. I did a pencil sketch and a couple of people engaged in conversation with me telling me they drew cartoons etc. Anyway the drawing looked a bit bland for the colourful season so I later added mainly red, green and yellow and blinged it up a bit. Click on pics to enlarge. (Some of the photos I picked up are of a recent wedding and they are on the babasiga blog.)

But it's not my scene at all. The whole Santa thing is a far cry from that generous bishop in Turkey whose name was equivalent to Nicholas. So do I tell my grandsons and granddaughter that Christmas is really about something else?

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Blogger Penny said...

I agree Wendy, not my scene either.

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