Friday, October 05, 2007

After a second storm - this old house

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A week or so ago I posted a sketch of a house four doors down which suffered during a storm. Another storm this week sent the old ti-tree tumbling - as well as a tall tree in their back yard which tipped a neighbour's house. The chainsaw man was in full swing yesterday. I was surprised by the reddish colour of the cut wood. I hope it will be used for carving rather than firewood.

I talked to the owners this morning because they were having a garage sale at the little old house. They told me it was about 150 years old, the earliest cottage in the area and they plan to do it up. It will look really sweet then. I did buy something too - for $3 a neat T-shirt with lots of bling kind of jewelry on it, so I'll wear it to the Mood Support Group book launch tomorrow afternoon.


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