Sunday, June 17, 2007

with bells on their fingers, but not their toes

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I went to a concert in aid of the Leukemia Foundation this afternoon which I expected would be mainly pipe organ music played by Frank de Rosso, but to my surprise many of the items were by a group of bell-ringers. They uses bells of various sizes for the tones and had colour coded music. It must have been quite difficult to play in time etc. I did a few sketches from my pew seat. They played spirituals, classical music such as joining the organ in some Bach music and even Sibelius Finlandia. It's not really my kind of sound, those bells. One lady bell ringer sat out a lot of the time and I was wondering if she was a Bb or an F# or something. Anyway their leader explained that after each item she needed to shift the bells around and even the people. It sounded all very complicated.



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