Monday, May 14, 2007

Tom Hanks coming to the Youyangs

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About twenty minutes drive from Geelong the Youyangs hills rise from a flat plain. It's a good place for picnics and climbing and a National Park. However it's going to be invaded soon by a film crew and our nearby hills turned into a Pacific island!
I drew a sketch while on a train to Melbourne last Friday.

from Melbourne Herald Sun:
Spielberg's Pacific solution
April 24.

BIG-wig producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg have a huge job ahead of them as they embark on filming in Melbourne and country Victoria. Confidential believes Hanks and Spielberg are planning to shoot some of their new HBO mini-series, The Pacific, in the You Yangs of all places.

Turning the humble mountain range in winter into a Pacific island will be quite a challenge, but luckily they have $150 million to make it happen.

The 10-episode series, a sequel to Spielberg's World War II epic Band of Brothers, is being touted as the priciest mini-series ever.

Pre-production for the filming is believed to be under way, with crew gathering in Melbourne from around the world. Filming will take place at the Docklands studios, as well as the You Yangs, until early next year.

Speculation in the industry is that Spielberg has booked the Melbourne Central City Studios for up to four years, with other projects on the agenda. Apparently, LA-based film execs are attracted to Melbourne, not just for the cheap rates, but for our quality cafes and restaurants. Everyone loves a good coffee.

On Monday there was a twister over the Youyangs and many motorists took photos on their mobiles. Here is one from Brendan Tyrrol that was in the local paper.

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Blogger Um Naief said...

what a beautiful picture of the twister, as odd as it sounds to say that. i love the sky behind it w/ the dark on the top and the tail coming down to the ground.

i hate twisters though. grew up in indiana and once my family was out for a sunday drive and we followed one home and didn't know it. when we got back to the town that we lived in, everything was demolished in the city except for our house and the church next door to us. it terrified me and i didn't sleep for a while afterwards. i didn't know what it was at that time but the thought of something that terrible... was more than i could imagine.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Someone wrote a letter to the local paper and said it was a landspout.The hills provided the uplift to cause the storm to rise sucking the air below it. They happen occasionally but no one sees them unless they occur near a road. It's not really a tornado but looks like one. Some parts of America have the huge ones that cause destruction.
However I remember a tornado in Fiji which was part of a hurricane. Not far from our cane farm, it sucked up a small wooden house as the people ate breakfast then plonked the house down again!

9:28 PM  

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