Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Three tiger cubs and what happened to the feral kittens

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Aren't they gorgeous - these Sumatra tiger cubs, eight weeks old, born at Melbourne zoo. The pic is from today's Age newspaper.

Well, I do love the look of tigers, but am not so enraptured by those four feral kittens born under our house over eight weeks ago. The saga continued: I told the 'owner' of the mother-cat, who spat chips at me when I touched a kitten - that the family should stop bringing large plates of food near the wall of our house because the kittens would not move on. So there was only bare cement when they crept out at night for a feed. Well, they did move on - to under the neighbour's house! They still have another twenty yards to go to reach 'home' the very next house.


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