Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ten questions for wannabe citizens of Australia

There's talk about setting a test for new migrants when they apply for citizenship, stuff about mateship, culture, history, - thongs, shrimps on the barbie, pies, flags I guess.

Here are some questions, courtesy of Tracee Hutchinson in The Age newspaper.

1Which of the following is the most un-Australian?
A Hoping England wins the third Test
B Pouring a beer without a decent head
C Squibbing your round of a shout

2. What is a barbecue stopper?
A A total fire ban day
B An empty gas bottle
C Something cooked up by the Prime Minister plus talkback radio

3. What is a snag?
A A bit of a nancy boy
B An unfortunate incident with pantyhose
C Sausage

4. What is the mandatory relish for a meat pie?
A Tomato sauce
B Sunscreen
C Beer

5. How does an Australian TV executive get rid of female hosts?
A Cloning
B Droning
C Boning

6. Why did 100,000 people walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2000?
A To get to the other side
B To be part of a mob
C To ask Primy Minister to say sorry to indigenous Australians

7. What is mateship?
A A P&O cruise ship
B Secret men’s business
C John Howard’s barbecue stopper

8. What is the biggest threat to the Australian way of life?
A Germaine Greer
B Global warming
C A big stingray

9.What is Christmas Island?
A The place where Santa lives
B A popular tourist destination
C Euphemism for shameful disgrace

10. What was Graham Kennedy’s famous birdcall?
A a crow
B a kookaburra
C the orangebellied parrot.


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