Friday, August 25, 2006

Four gum trees near the bus stop

We were discussing eucalypts lately so I drew four gum trees two minutes away from our home, while I waited for the bus. I did a quick pen sketch, then later at home I copied it using coloured pencils - orange, brown, blue, black - but my scanner thought it was black and white, which is unusual as the scanner usually behaves nicely!

That's our house with the TV antenna. A kind of Californian bungalow, but fake brick. A former owner gave it the pretentious name of 'The Manor' which it is not!
I heard a super discussion on the ABC radio this morning about two kinds of middle to upper-class people - the culturalists and the materialists. Not the very very rich, just the professionals and others who probably have mortages. The materialists have super silvery clean huge houses with kitchens like science laboratories, like some of the Macmansions that are mushrooming in the newer suburbs or town houses and gentrification in the inner suburbs. The culturalists have books, travel artifacts, herbs and spices hanging in kitchens, rugs from Persia, real or not, and I suppose a kind of bohemian ambience. Well, we are certainly not in a Macmansion. I suppose lots of second-hand junk and colour around puts us into the culturalist league! Plus computers and some high-tech. Though not upper-class!


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