Monday, August 21, 2006

Green Turtle Dreaming art exhibition

I visited the Green Turtle Dreaming exhibition at the Geelong Art Gallery as soon as it opened last week, intent to see how artists depicted this important subject. It's really beautiful with detailed paintings, story-telling, drawings of related arts and crafts, music.

Over five years a connection has been made between Eastern Indonesia and Northern Australia following the migration of the green turtle. Men and women from the various communities have written legends and stories about the turtle, stories of resilience, betrayal, vulnerability. The project commenced as part of an Asia-Link campaign to connect the communities.

Isn't it lovely to forget South East Asian politics and think differently!

The pics are of the three artists, and part of one of the paintings.

A consequence of the project has been the creation of education kids, choreographed interpretations, performances of the music at a Rainforest Festival and it will go on.


Anonymous willow bascom said...

Is it possible to get a copy of Australian - Indonesia: Green Turtle Dreaming? I found
out about your project on the Internet and would very much like to learn more about the work you have done. I am an artist also and am working on a turtle project too - Turtles in Myth, Story and Art. Thanks, Willow

9:32 AM  

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