Friday, July 28, 2006

Our little protest against Westfields' greed

The story made page 5 in the Geelong Advertiser with a pic. I'm hiding behind the 'No' poster. The Premier however rushed past and didn't stop for a discussion, intent upon meeting faithful Labour Party members inside, then going to a $150 a head fundraising dinner. Now I'm not a leftie feral and rarely protest but we really don't want this flyover bridge. Quote: 'Both Geelong's early and current planners who contributed and protected wide north-south streets in Geelong city with a frontage of Corio Bay, and a stunning viewe of ships at anchor and of the You Yangs (mountains) will be kept faith with if Yarra St is not built across.'
At least I had a good discussion with the Premier's personal driver so I hope he told Bracks about why we were there! I think the organisers of the protest should have informed the Premier's office about our little protest so that he would realize we are not a rabble lot.


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