Wednesday, July 05, 2006

million dollar view of Geelong

from Wendy
Well, the Geelong Gallery guys are excited as they think the three million dollars needed to purchase the painting is almost there. The English composer Webber will be an even richer man!

Peceli and I went for a drive to Montpellier Park, the highest point to overlook most of Geelong city and some suburbs to do some sketching. I wanted to get a similar view to that of von Guerard in the 1850s - but as Geelong is today. Well, it wasn't easy as there are thousands of houses and the Barwon River is mostly hidden by the rise and fall of the land. I don't think I'll bother to do a $3 million dollar new painting after all!

Here are some pics - I. the von Guerard painting
2. my view of Geelong a. 3. my view of Geelong b. Put them together and they are views from a similar place that von Guerard painted from, though he was a few miles further away from the sea.


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