Monday, April 11, 2016

Geelong Council to be sacked

Interesting times. A report reckons that Geelong Council is so disfunctional that all councillors and the mayor are to be dismissed and an administrator take over for four years. Four years is a bit long I reckon.

The “sledgehammer” Halliday report — handed down on October 16, 2015 — described Geelong council and some councillors as “aggressive, belligerent, threatening, disempowering, sexist, dogged, bombastic, arrogant, rude, spiteful, frightening, demeaning, belittling, objectified, exploitative, calculated, humiliating and intimidating”.

(Thursday)  They've backed down on calling it 2020 for an election but put it fast forward which is good.) GEELONG City Hall will hold an election next year after the Andrews Government was forced to back down on its bill to sack council.
The State Government has confirmed that it has reached a deal to bring new elections forward from 2020 to 2017.
It is understood the Greens and the opposition will support the move.


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