Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Big Blue Sky - a good read

This week I read Peter Garrett's autobiography about 440 pages long. The early chapters were great - childhood in Sydney, early adult years, the move into singing and 'move' it was, then the passions and activism, then politics in the Labour Party. At the latter period, I was disappointed that he didn't stay 'Green' but as he pointed out he thought he could still try to change Australia according to his priorities for saving the earth/sea/ reef/forests/ whales. There was a bit too much name-dropping of people I don't know, and a lot - of course - about gigs and committees and arguments. But the passion was there. I think he's a man to be admired. He justified some of the things the media picked on him for - those pink bats and so on. He certainly has it in for Rudd though - he is very, very blunt and critical. I would have liked to read more about his wife and the children. He's an articulate writer and most of the pages were fine. I don't know his music except for 'Beds are burning' as the Midnight Oils style of music is very loud and in your face. I would have liked to have some of the song texts included in the book and how he came to write them. His style on stage was really individual! I only met him once - he came down to Deakin University in the 80s and I was mightily impressed with his passion about the environment and for a cleaner Australia. A worthwhile read.


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