Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New library in Geelong

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For $48 million dollars the new library does look impressive but at first difficult to manoevre - walls of glass so which one is a door, what floor is this one, long way to walk to find a book.  Is it really suitable for people with shaky legs?  I only really had a look at the heritage centre sections. Another floor was admin, and the top floor was out of bounds except for the particular tours at 11 a.m. etc. Many colourful chairs to lounge in for reading or contemplation. I saw one young man seemingly fast asleep, his feet on the fine armrest. Actually there weren't many people inside, and it was already closing time by 5 p.m. so I used the stairs, not daring to go into a lift. I haven't tried the main entrance yet and the cafe, so I'll have to go again. At least I gave back my bookclub novel - finished it in a day and a half. McCall Smith about trains and lovers, not a bad read, but not memorable.


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