Sunday, November 22, 2015

An amazing little horse in Geelong

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Tiny miniature pony foal Jakarda Angel measured just 14 inches at birth

Breeder Lynda Wishart with Jakarda Angel who is unusually small for a miniature pony and stands at just 14 inches tall. Picture: Mitch Bear
GOOD things come in small packages, and little Jakarda Angel is living proof.
The week-old miniature pony foal measured just 14 inches tall at birth and is considered tiny, even for her breed.
Lynda Wishart has bred miniatures for 15 years and said she had never seen one so petite, with most foals averaging around 18 inches in height.
Jakarda Angel has a snooze on breeder Lynda Wishart. Picture: Mitch Bear
“Angel’s a miniature, but she’s a very small miniature — we’ve never seen one that small,” the Bannockburn breeder said.
“We don’t know why she’s so tiny because her parents are normal-size miniatures, but we walked out and there she was.
“Many small ponies are dwarfs and don’t live a long life, but she’s tiny and perfect.”


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