Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Popups in Malop Street

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What will the purple people eater think of next?  And who will be first to get bumped by the passing traffic?

(from Addie)THE greening of central Geelong is under way with an astroturf median strip being installed in Malop St.
Work is continuing on a pop-up urban space between the two major shopping centres.
Some car park space is also being removed to put in pocket parklets.
Beach chairs, outdoor tables and al fresco seating areas will be complemented by improved bike paths.
The new space is expected to be completed by Friday, and it will remain in place under the end of summer.
Central Geelong portfolio holder, Cr Michelle Heagney, said the project was enabled by the trial ban of trucks on Malop St, which splits the city’s two major shopping centres.
“The pop up space aims to create a vibrant and lively pedestrian-friendly space, where people can sit and relax in the pocket parklets,” Cr Heagney said.

Thus says the purple people-eater,
We’ll have pop up parklets
with picnics on the grass,
proper people eating pikelets or pesto,
or pensioners knitting purl and plain,
occasional purple pulsing passion,
not pick-pockets and pesky buskers.
A pink Peugot will pull up,
the purple haired people-eater
fling his purply-blue cape,
do a twirl and a perfect pirouette
then pop back into his car
to pick his pearly teeth
and possibly get a parking ticket.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are these the trees that were chopped down at the waterfront???
What a strange person the head horticulturalist must be:
Plant unsuitable trees near North on the waterfront, don't give them a watering plan such as was given to all the European trees west of Cunningham Pier, then cut them down when they don't behave.
Replace them with a foreign deciduous species so it's only green for part of the year and a species that also drops poisonous berries.

Then go around the corner and shove some eucalypt saplings in 40 gallon drums, paint them yellow, plonk them on plastic grass in the middle of the road and waste ratepayers money watering them.

"My Geelong is Going Greener?" Plastic grass and temporary saplings. That's hardly going to reduce 'hot spots'. Plant some trees in the ground that will be there for the next generation.

5:20 AM  

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