Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prints at the Wintergarden

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This morning I had a look at the Print Exhibition upstairs at the Wintergarten in McKillop Street. It's a wonderful exhibition of linocuts, etchings, colographs, monographs, and already many have been sold according to the numerous red stickers.  I've never made colographs so I'll check out the technique sometime. I used to do linocuts, woodcuts, etc. but not nowadays.

The 6th Annual Friday Printmakers Exhibition

Welcome to the 6th Annual Friday Printmakers Exhibition with 17 contributing artists including this year’s guest artist….David Jarman. This exhibition has established itself as one of the MUST SEE shows on the Gallery’s annual calendar. Including linocuts, etchings, colographs and mono prints, traditional and contemporary with familiar motifs such as florals and lighthouses this promises to be a feast for the eyes.
The strength of this show lies in the diversity of the collective from their ideas, training, aesthetic interests and print processes. Design considerations and choice of palette add to the stunning array of work being presented in this year’s show. Every year each artist produces a collectable 15cm x 15cm piece at just $70 alongside major works appealing to a broad audience.


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