Friday, June 19, 2015

Chris Machar pastor for Geelong

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(photo of Siteri, Chris and me at East Geelong Uniting
I attended the welcome and Induction of Chris Machar as an outreach pastor of the Uniting Church in Geelong. It is a position as a roving kind of ministry - outside the walls of the established churches. Chris lives in Newcomb and over several years has had a fruitful ministry with the Sudanese community, both in Africa and in migrant communities in Melbourne and nearby. Best wishes to Chris for this adventurous ministry. The welcome was at St Albans Park Uniting Church this afternoon with lovely singing by a Sudanese choir, the usual rituals and prayers and then a splendid late luncheon prepared by the Sudanese friends. Chris was in our East Geelong church as a youth and over the years we have maintained a close relationship with Chris and our best wishes go also to his wife Tabitha and the children.


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