Thursday, September 05, 2013

Om and relaxation for teachers

From wGolly gosh, I never thought it would come to Hindu meditation for our secondary teachers in Australia. A local Geelong school is doing one hour a week to de-stress the teachers. 

 Just a fortnight ago we were talking with a relative who is teaching in a Hindu school in Nadi, Fiji and she seemed keen on the meditation experiences at her school, but Peceli reminded her that she is a Christian and that there is a rather significant difference. One is inward looking, the other outward looking to society and she could do no better but spend time thinking more of the Kingdom as serving the needs of people on the fringe as Jesus did.

Teachers relax with new curricul-om

GEELONG High School staff are turning to meditation to help unwind from their teaching duties.
The hour-long meditation sessions are designed to ease any stress experienced by staff and provide them with strategies to deal with their worries.
A total of 37 staff are involved in the six week meditation program conducted by an instructor from the Shiva Meditation Centre in Newtown.
Geelong High School Student wellbeing co-ordinator Kate Meadows has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
"Staff are finding the sessions fantastic for themselves and are keen to pass on the lessons learned to students," Ms Meadows said.
The meditation sessions were funded by a grant from the WorkSafe Health Check initiative.
Geelong High School is hopeful similar initiatives will appear at other schools



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