Sunday, July 29, 2012

At Myrniong Lake Dewar camp

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I have spent over three days at the YMCA camp at Lake Dewar in the beautiful Myrniong area not far from my brother's place at Greendale. It was a women's retreat and called 'The Emmaus Walk'. The hospitality, kindness, generosity of people was amazing and it was quite different from the usual church conference which can be intimidating as 'scholars' and 'academics' give their papers.  We had fifteen sessions and it was extremely busy, but there were moments of delight and rich spirituality. The program was not given out in a folder beforehand - watches were put away,  computers and laptops out of sight. The thirty 'pilgrims' were richly blessed with many surprises. I only had one hour of free time to take photos and make sketches but was able to walk along a track above the Werribee River.


Blogger annie said...

What a beautiful place, Wendy. It must have been a very special time for each of you.


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