Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red Doggie of the Pilbara

from w In the Age today they call her 'Queen of the Pilbara' but I think 'Red Doggie of the Pilbara' might be better, keeping in mind that gorgeous Red Dog of the movie. But there is a difference, the wildness and wonder of that dog is rather different from the world's richest woman, Gina Rinehart who 'earns' from $600 a second (!!!) or the average Australian annual wage every 2 and a half minutes! Or $51.7 million a day. What a life. But as someone said on Red Symon's radio program this morning, who is rich - the woman whose children sue her and take her to court, or ordinary men women who have a good relationship with their children? Or have a low income but still can give time and money to the less fortunate. Hmmm. So much for Australia keeping out of the financial mess of many other countries - Okay, 'Without you...' as the song goes, it's people like Gina who amass wealth through mining that makes it deceptive about the financial situation in Australia. It is the wealth from what's under the ground, not growing on the land, or in the manufactoring businesses. Money mainly moves around because there are pensioners who have to spend all of their weekly entitlements. Oh, the lucky country we live in! IF only people like Gina would give something substantial to build hospitals and schools and medical research.


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