Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disgraceful how greedy politicians are

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Hard to believe these politicians just think of themselves. Saw this piece on startling information. A 'minister' means 'to serve'. It's hardly this way for politicians.

Australian PM gets 31% pay rise
December 15, 2011 02:26:09 PMA+ A-|||
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was Thursday recommended for a 31 percent pay rise to take her salary to Aus$481,000 (US$476,000) -- more than US President Barack Obama. Gillard, whose support in opinion polls is near rock bottom, was handed the early Christmas present by the independent Remuneration Tribunal, which recommended pay hikes for most politicians and public servants. Parliament needs to approve the changes before the new pay scale comes into effect.

Federal MPs will also get more money, with the base salary for even the most junior parliamentarian jumping from Aus$140,000 to Aus$185,000.

In exchange, politicians will lose some of their perks, such as being able to fly first class for overseas study tours.

Australia's controversial gold pass scheme, where former MPs travel for free, will also be phased out.

"In our view that is not an unreasonable salary for the prime minister of Australia, whoever he or she may be," said tribunal president John Conde, adding that it was important to have good pay to attract people to parliament.

Asked whether it was the right time in the economic cycle to be thinking about pay rises, Conde said: "There is never a right time for this.

"It's been a long time coming. We've concluded our work and this is our conclusion."

According to the White House, Obama earns a salary of US$395,188 as president.



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