Friday, May 06, 2011

The TV ad of the dog with teeth

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This week on Monday I had a major dental appointment and now feel as if I look like that advertisement on TV of the dogs with brilliant teeth. So far so good but I speak a bit shhhhloppily and live on soup! Meanwhile life goes on with a busy household of eight or more of us, lots of sports activities for some, school lessons at times, a visit from two good friends from Hopetoun, and Peceli and I take our pills and take life easy.

Easter is over, Bin Laden was finished off - relief certainly for Americans in general, celebration for some, misgivings for some as well. If we are serious about not taking revenge on enemies and following the 'pacific' way, we are in trouble perhaps? Though I wonder why people like Bin Laden hated Americans so much. Perhaps it's not much more than hatred of interference and protecting your own space in the world. Okay, okay, he was a symbol of terrible evil.



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