Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holiday in Torquay

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A few days away from the computers in our household was a daumting task for most of us when eight of us spent a few days in a friend's holiday house in Torquay, a seaside town not far from Geelong. Torquay is a great place, very clean and with beautiful beaches. Nearby is Bells Beach where the surfers have their annual Easter Rip Curl carnival. Going without the internet was a trial for the kids too who are on Facebook or youtube a lot of the time! Anyway it did give an impetus for me to do some drawing - mainly pen or pencil. It was nice to roam around the beaches and on Monday get up before dawn to be near enough to the Anzac Day sunrise service at Point Danger. There were thousands of people in Torquay for the weekend - with Bells Surf carnival on, school holidays and Easter and the Anzac service. We had a lovely time and the boys want to go back often - the household had extra bonuses such as a barbecue, a pool table, boogie boards, etc. etc. Thank you Rev Richard for inviting us to your Mum's holiday house!



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