Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good Sam

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Usually you hear stories about someone young helping an elderly person across the streeta but this time the Good Sam was the elder of the two. After visiting the Newcomb library we saw this woman in black struggling to push her trolley onto the road to cross over. What a lot of shopping she had from Aldi's. She laughed and said something about having a 'big family'. Anyway Peceli rushed to her aid as packets and bags of vegetables started falling onto the road. He helped her across then tried to push the trolley up over the kerb and more vegetables fell out, so I had to help then. Why all the food I wondered as she headed for the side entrance to the kindergarten with Peceli's help. 'This is for thirty small children for five days,' she said. What whoppers they must be I thought. Anyway I thought I couldn't miss a photo opportunity like this to see a modern Good Samaritan in action.

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Blogger annie said...

So uplifting to see, Wendy. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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