Friday, March 04, 2011

Visiting Van Loon'sNursery

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Apparently a winning plant nursery in the whole of Ausralia, our local guys really have a splendid display of plants, pots, sculptures and a restaurant called Peppers. Our church ladies had lunch there the other day and it was a nice occasion. I only ate date scones and cappucino as I don't want to pay $11 for mainly rabbit food. Hmmm. The other ladies enjoyed their dinners anyway though some left the lettuce etc. on the plates. My cheaper scones were scrumptuous!

Here are some pics I made from 'borrowed' images and none of them are of plants! My camera didn't work after someone altered the batteries! I would love to have a finely designed Japaneses type of garden, raked sand, stones, water, sculptures instead of the rambling overgrown kind we have, but... those sculptures, stones, etc. cost plenty paisa.



Blogger annie said...

Beautiful stained glass and a lovely display. I'm all for scones and that cappucino...I'd love a Japanese garden, too, Wendy, but it would never make it in these Texas winds unless I walled it in--which could make a lovely walled garden, of course.

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