Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nothing is lost on the breath of God

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An art exhibition proposed by the Uniting Church invites artists to produce visual art works on the topic of 'Holiness'. Wow! Some huge topic and what colour is 'holiness'? I was thinking in terms of beauty actually as I'm not too much into piety. Perhaps something from Julian of Norwich or Hildegarde of Bingen, or even the song by Colin Gibson 'Nothing is lost on the breath of God'. I was looking for something like an opal and found what I wanted in a throw-away old book on minerals that was going to the recycling bin. So I used the cover, cut it up, and then used stones I'd bought at the Reject Shop and some gum leaves and played about with the scanner, etc. Hence a few results.

the shape produced by overlapping circles has a special name, something like a mandala or mendala or something. The idea is when the extraordinary meets with the ordinary, where 'heaven' breaks into 'earthly' things, and I always want to stay focussed on things of the earth like stones and leaves. I might make a series into a powerpoint presentation as paint and canvas cost money!

(added later: The word is mandorla or almond shaped and it's about the space between opposites.)

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