Wednesday, April 01, 2009

An edible quilt

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An edible quilt? Not really. I just decided to take two photographs of some of today's shopping about 5 p.m. from the vegie shop in Watsons Road - and then see what happens after I scan in the photos and then vary the colours, textures, etc. I didn't use the vegies for tea though as I made rice and curried chicken instead for the two hungry working men and myself while Peceli is at Rotary.

We wear so many hats these days, with our networks - this morning sorting wonderful books (but some very old too) for the containers to the Pacific Islands, East Timor etc., then the Uniting Church Fellowship group where I had been given the task of planning an Easter Meditation using resources written by women. Ten of our Fellowship women took all the parts - three of them dramatising the views of three of the women in the Holy Week and Easter story. I only had to play the music on a wonky electronic organ. Then I came home and put on my 'kitchen' hat to prepare a meal. That's life. A kind of balancing act - as I have written about in a previous post.

Sometimes the balance is skewed thoaugh and things go awry and it's hard to sleep at night. I have a strange shoulder at present - occasional tingling - annoying but not painful.. Is it stress, too much computer mouse and leaning into the screen, or something else? I hope it isn't the beginning of some medical condition.

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