Monday, October 06, 2008

Dinosaur eggs and Seniors Week

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As this is Seniors Week here in Geelong/Melbourne and throughout Victoria, we are taking advantage of some of the freebies and activities. Yesterday I went to the Wool Museum to see the Quilt Exhibition which was a bit disappointing as there weren't too many really exciting exhibits because quilters have the opportunity to use glorious colours and textures. The one I liked best however was in drab browns and the picture here does not do it justice at all.

Then I joined the kiddies and young mums in exploring the Dinosaur Eggs exhibition which was fabulous and a must for those in Geelong with young children. The eggs weren't all round and there were several displays of the baby dinosaur in the eggs. And several interactive opportunities to dig for eggs, etc. Some scary large bones too of course.

Today we went to a retirement home, Tannock Brae, (no, not to check in or check it out) for an art and crafts display by senior residents and chatted especially with two gentlemen - one who makes model boats, and another who makes model planes and helicopters. Kees De Meester is the crafter of the excellent model sailing ships. Click on the photo to view it larger.

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Blogger Um Naief said...

love the dinosaur egg!! would LOVE to see those!! absolutely fascinated w/ this stuff.

glad you are enjoying these events. wish there were more things like this around here. :)

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