Saturday, October 04, 2008

About the snow gum

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Following up from a post of a RACV magazine cover featuring the colourful snow gum I googled around a bit and found some very abstract kind of pictures, then, as usual, mucked about with them a bit more with very fiery results. The snow gum is also called Cabbage gum, Weeping gum and White salee with the botanical name of
Eucalyptus pauciflora. It's usually only 10 – 20 metres in height with a short, crooked bole which is commonly strongly branched from near ground level. At high altitudes it is commonly a low twisted tree. The snow gums are found in the mountains and tablelands of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. In a few places they are found almost to sea level, as in parts of Tasmania and at Mount Eliza in Victoria, the Bega - Wolumla area of southern New South Wales and near Mt Gambier in South Australia. (adapted from wikipedia)

So why are they coloured so?
Perhaps they normally have a white, green or grey bark, but it peels away to reveal other colours, and they bleed gum apparently. Remarkable.

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